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This is not a commercial site where we brag about our dogs or where we try to sell puppies. This site is neither meant to encourage visitors of our homepage to spontaneously decide to purchase a Kelb tal-Fenek.

We wish to inform fellow enthusiasts and the interested public about the true origins of the breed and we want to remove certain myths that this breed has been lumped with over the years. The Kelb tal-Fenek deserves to be loved as he is.

Peter Gatt:

"I am citizen of the Republic of Malta and I live in the City of St. Julians, Malta. Forever a lover of dogs, my love for the Kelb tal-Fenek started when I was quite young. I remember that at around the age of 9, I often visited friends in Mellieha who owned particularly beautiful dogs. Since my childhood I have had various opportunities to be invited for a hunt. Today, I am an active keen hunter, and therefore I am well engaged in the breed. In our family we presently own two Klieb tal-Fenek, which we successfully show and which are also used for hunting wild rabbits. I am also a promoter of the Kelb tal-Fenek overseas, and have exported nine puppies from my kennel "Tal-Wardija" to Denmark, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Norway and the USA to inject new blood - which I believe is imperative for the breed.  

At the age of 17, I was elected as a member of the committee of the Malta Kennel Club, and due to my profession - that of a Banker, I was given the post ot Treasurer. I have been involved in the canine affairs of my country ever since, often as a committee member of the Malta Kennel Club

On the 20th October 2001, the Maltese Post issued a 6 cents stamp, depicting the Kelb tal-Fenek, Malta's National Hound. The stamp was designed by Ludwig Flask from two photographs by Jan Scotland (Germany). I was very proud when my own dog 'Ch. Ram Ahmar Tal-Wardija', fondly know as “Ram” was selected for the stamp.  

In June 2002, I took part in the World Winner Dog Show, which was held in Amsterdam. Around 55 countries took part in the contest, with over 15.000 dogs, and around 330 breeds. It was held under the patronage of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). I entered two Klieb tal-Fenek and my female, whose official pedigree name is “Tal-Wardija Blata Hamra ta' Malta”, also known as “Tita”, won the Best Opposite Sex award. Being the best female of her breed, “Tita” also won the title of “World Winner 2002”, which no Maltese dog has ever won for any breed. This title is even more prestigious, since the Kelb tal-Fenek is Malta’s National Hound. For the first time in canine history, a Maltese bred dog has won the title of a ‘World Winner’ at a World Dog Show. 

Fortunately, I was able to travel to Amsterdam with the dogs, without problems, due to the new pet passport scheme, the new legislation, which was passed in July 2001. I can now travel within the EU member countries and other European states, under this same scheme, which make things a little bit easier for me.  

I act as a judge for field trials for hunting dogs in Malta as well as in local Kelb tal-Fenek special shows within agricultural fairs. I have judged Klieb tal-Fenek at unofficial breed specialities in The Netherlands, Sweden and the USA."

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Jan Scotland:

"I live in Bremen, Northern Germany. I have been involved with sighthound activities ever since I was a child, and I became fascinated by the strong and lively 'Pharaoh Hounds' when I saw them occasionally at lure coursing and show events in West Germany in the 1980'ies. Since neither the owners nor canine literature were able to provide me with sufficient information on the actual situation of the breed in the country of origin, I travelled to Malta first in spring 1994. There I met Peter Gatt and his wife Lucienne the first time. This trip was followed by several others, and in spring 1999 got my first Kelb tal-Fenek bitch 'Tal-Wardija Arja Helwa', bred by Peter and Lucienne Gatt. Currently I own one Kelb tal-Fenek and an Azawakh. I am FCI judge for lure coursing as well as observer for track racing. From 1999 till 2011 I have been a member of the commission for breeding affairs within the DWZRV with responsibility for the Kelb tal-Fenek and the other Mediterranean breeds."

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An important note: Our criticism in calling the Kelb tal-Fenek a breed with Egyptian origin is only directed against the lack of scientific proof for this theory and against the harmful aspects of this romancing legend. It is not in any way meant as an offence against Egypt or against the Egyptian people. We have great respect for the cultural achievements of the Egyptian people in history and present times.