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Kelb tal-Fenek

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Kelb tal-Fenek in a country road in Gozo

Still today, the Kelb tal-Fenek in Malta is almost exclusively kept and bred by farmers and hunters. It is very important to remember this fact, if we want to understand the present situation of the breed in the country of origin. Farmers and hunters do neither care for dog shows nor for the  artificial breed standard, which has been created by foreign canine organisations. Their only criteria is the efficiency of their dogs. This attitude has preserved us the breed through the ages.

But in our globalized world, foreign ideas about our breed do even reach remote places in the Maltese and Gozitan countryside. Legends and attitudes are spread by the local mass media, by foreign visitors and by ignorant urban local dog lovers. In the worst case, this could in the long term cause a loss of the old tradition of hunting with the Kelb tal-Fenek and it could make fall old knowledge about the breed into oblivion. Therefore we think that it is very important that dog lovers, breeders, judges and officials of canine organisations all over the world learn more about the characteristics of the breed, as we know it since countless generations in Malta. 

The following articles are especially meant for people who are involved with the different aspects of working with the Kelb tal-Fenek: Breeders, show judges, lure coursing judges and officials of canine organisations. But we want also to encourage all Kelb tal-Fenek owners in Malta to preserve our living cultural heritage unchanged for the coming generations.

Help us to preserve the genuine character of the Kelb tal-Fenek. Please do not ruin the breed by spreading incorrect information and misleading legends!